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Travel insurance


With our stays, you can arrange travel insurance incl. cancellation of stay, which is not included in the price of stays not only with own transport.

Travel insurance is especially important because of insurance for medical expenses, liability for damage to third parties and insurance for cancellation fees. Traveling abroad without this measure means a really big financial and health risk, even in the countries of the European Union.

The coverage of all planned activities needs to be verified for individually concluded policies by a detailed study of the contractual conditions, even for accompanying insurances for payment cards. Good conditions will be ensured by a reliable insurance company, a sufficient coverage limit and a quality assistance service.

We offer customers on tours organized by Adventura travel insurance under favorable conditions with the insurance company UNION., with whom we have been cooperating for many years and have very good experience with them.

Our insurance also covers all sports activities included in the tour program within the basic rate, so there is no need to take out additional sports insurance! These above-standard conditions can only be obtained through us, not at the branches of the insurance company.


We will arrange this insurance for you with the Slovak insurance company Union a.s.

For trips abroad, you can choose from the following types of insurance:

scope of insurance and amount of insurance coverage for insurance package B - 1,70 Eur/person




Insurance contract procedure:

for your stay in your client account you will find a form to fill out and send
if you order already at the time of ordering, we will contact you and sort out the type of travel insurance
based on your order, we will send you a generated signed contract by email
based on the paid service, we will send you an electronic insurance card

Recommendations before the trip

In connection with the current situation of the spread of the coronavirus in the world, we recommend that clients first of all follow the latest travel warnings, published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which includes current warnings and recommendations and conditions for entering individual countries. This information is updated daily according to the current situation.

Insurance for medical expenses during your stay abroad

If the insured falls ill abroad with the disease COVID-19, in the sense of the relevant insurance conditions of the travel insurance and in accordance with the conditions agreed in the insurance contract, the medical expenses due to the illness are covered - these are usually the costs of outpatient treatment, prescribed drugs, hospitalization and treatment during hospitalization, or even repatriation back to the Republic.

Which cases are not covered by travel insurance

Travel insurance does not apply to cases where the insured event could have been predicted, expected or was already known at the time the insurance contract was concluded.

This category also includes countries where the current epidemiological situation has been assessed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as high risk, i.e. with a high probability of possible infection with the coronavirus. On the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these countries are marked in red and not marked with any color on the so-called traffic lights. If the client travels to the "red-marked country and unmarked country", the travel insurance does not cover the illness of COVID-19.

If the insured has knowingly failed to comply with the safety regulations or the measures and instructions of the local authorities in the given country -- in this case the insurance company will not provide insurance benefits.

Quarantine abroad

Quarantine and the costs associated with it are not considered to be the cost of providing health care and are therefore not covered by medical expenses insurance. Travel insurance also does not cover the costs of alternative transport back to the home country after being stuck in quarantine.

Insurance for cancellation of the tour / cancellation of the ordered service

There is no entitlement to insurance benefits from the trip cancellation/cancellation of the ordered service insurance, even if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes an official notice recommending not to travel to areas affected by the coronavirus.

In accordance with the valid insurance conditions of the travel insurance, such a claim would only arise if such an official warning with a recommendation not to travel was published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with a natural event, war, civil unrest or terrorism.

Illness with the disease COVID-19 is a reason for canceling the tour / canceling the ordered services. Quarantine (without a doctor-confirmed diagnosis of infection with COVID-19) is not a reason for canceling the tour / ordered services.

The assistance service is a support

The assistance service is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of an unexpected event abroad, we recommend contacting her, she will advise clients on how to proceed and what they are entitled to in the given situation.