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By car

Own transport by car to Makarska Riviera

Before you go on a trip in your personal car, don't forget the "Green Card" - liability insurance for damages caused by the operation of a motor vehicle abroad.

For the transition Austria (highway stamp is required)

AUSTRIA - buy a highway stamp or more info at ASFINAG

new highway stamp prices

Driving on Austrian motorways and expressways is only permitted with an electronic toll stamp

Annual - 96.40 Euros

2-month - 29 Eur

10-day - EUR 9.90

In addition to the motorway toll, some mountain roads, tunnels and bridges are also tolled. We list only those paid sections that are considered for transit to Croatia. The stated toll price is for vehicles up to a total maximum weight of 3.5 t

SLOVENIA - buy a highway stamp or more info on DARS

Highway fees:

Annual - 95.00 Euros

2-month - 30.00 Euro

weekly - 15.00 Euro

CROATIA - more info at HAK

About 15 km after the crossing, the highway in the direction of Zagreb begins. On the Zagreb bypass (in the southwest) there is a large rest area called "Plitvice" (the name is a bit confusing) by the highway with a large parking lot, a restaurant, large toilets and washrooms inside, a hotel, a campsite, a gas station, etc., serving as a frequent stop along the way to the sea. The road continues along the highway to Karlovac. See also the route

D1 motorway route:

more on the Croatian HAK toll road website  cestarine HAK

Úsek IA - motocykl I - Osobní auto II - Osob. auto s přívěsem
Macelj - Zagreb 3,80 6,40 9,60
Zagreb - Split (Dugopolje) 14,40 24 37,60
Zagreb - Šestanovac 15,90 26,40 41,10
Zagreb - Zagvozd 16,30 27 42,40






Route "old" route:

Zagreb -- from D1 exit to Karlovac -- E 71 direction Plitvice Lakes - Gračac - Knin - Sinj -- direction Split

where you leave the highway and continue along the E 71 road towards Slunj.

From Karlovac, the road leads first through the plain, then through the sparsely populated hilly area of Kordun. The road alternately approaches the Korana river until Slunje. Starting from Karlovac, traces of the war conflict from the 90s of the 20th century are visible along the road. - destroyed charred or shot-up houses, etc. On the entire route to the coast, it is still not recommended, for the sake of your own safety, to enter marked and demarcated areas that may hide unexploded ammunition, and into the wild outside of marked paths or into buildings destroyed by war.

The first larger municipality is the picturesque town of Slunj (hotel, restaurant). Beyond Slunjí, the terrain gradually increases up to the very popular Plitvice Lakes (hotels, restaurants, campsites), and this section is especially busy during the Saturday exchange of vacationers, and in the season there are long queues here, which slow down the journey a lot. The road that runs along the national park is held up by a number of very slow moving cars with caravans or boats and the solid line does not allow overtaking. Also, the traffic around the several parking lots of the national park brings slowdowns and frequent collisions.

After the town of Gračac, the road climbs to a pass (802 m) and then leads through numerous bends to Knin.

On the left side, the peaks of the Dinaric Mountains rise, along which the border with Bosnia runs. The high-quality road with bends continues to the picturesque Peručské lake, 20 km long. The road along the lake (possibility of swimming) is a little straighter. The lake forms a beautiful scenery with mountains on both sides, on the left still (as far as Sinja) the Dinaric Mountains, on the right the Svilaja massif. In the end, the road leads through the fertile Sinjské field through Sinj to Brnaz. In Brnaz, you will not turn to Split, but you will continue further inland through Trilj to the Cista Provo intersection, where you will turn right to Makarska.