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tolls in Croatia

In Croatia, tolls are paid by the length of the section of highway and vehicle type.

Tolls can be paid in cash, even in foreign currencies at the official exchange rate valid for the day of payment cestarine.Cestarinu can pay by credit cards from American Express, Diners, Master Card, Maestro, Visa and checks.

On highways in Croatia used a dual mode of payment.

On road structures such as bridges or tunnels and the short road sections using the open method of payment. In this way, the toll plaza tolls are charged immediately, depending on the type of vehicle.

On highways with multiple entrances and exits on a highway driver receives input card, which is the basis for payment of toll at the exit of the highway.

Vehicle type IA - motorcycle and - the personal auto II - person. car with trailer
Macelj - Zagreb 26 42 62
Zagreb - Split (Dugopolje) 108 181 279
Zagreb - Šestanovac 118 197 305

more information on the croatia web site cestarine HAK

PRICE LIST 1.1.2023

Úsek IA - motocykl I - Osobní auto II - Osob. auto s přívěsem
Macelj - Zagreb 3,80 6,40 9,60
Zagreb - Split (Dugopolje) 14,40 24 37,60
Zagreb - Šestanovac 15,90 26,40 41,10
Zagreb - Zagvozd 16,30 27 42,40






Operation of pumping stations in the summer season 6-22 hours. The main pumping stations in big cities and on main international traffic have continuous work. Petrol stations selling fuel Eurosuper 95, Super 98, Normal and Euro diesel (diesel) in major cities, as well as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

For traffic violations in Croatia is competent local Magistrates Court. Participants are required to attend an accident hearing. In the event of an accident you need to own the vehicle from the police requested a written report on the accident and vehicle damage. Without this document it is not possible to travel from the Croatian. To ensure the execution of the sentence or the presence of the offender may be denied passports to foreign nationals by the end of the procedure, but no later than 48 hours.


Equipment needed for the car;
First Aid: All vehicles must be equipped with first aid (except motorcycles).
Spare tire
Lighting: It is mandatory as well as a set of spare bulbs.
Vest: After leaving the car on the road or on a tip of accident must wear a vest. This requirement does not apply only to drivers of cars, but also people who are traveling on a motorcycle!
Warning triangle all motor vehicles (except motorcycles) must have a warning triangle. Vehicles and trailers must have two.
Commercial vehicles must have a fire extinguisher.

Croatia - fines for traffic violations ....

The first major change is the tolerance of 0.5 blood alcohol level. This change does not apply to professional drivers and drivers under the age of 24 years as well as for those who commit an offense. If a driver is stopped with more than 1.5 parts per thousand in the blood threatening sentence him to three years in prison. Otherwise, driving under the influence of alcohol in Croatia since 1.1.2013 became criminal acts instead of a misdemeanor offense.

Croatia - problems ....

- Call the police on phone number 192 (always and immediately after an accident, regardless of who is to blame)
- A request for a police report for damage to the vehicle (confirm damage to such vehicles), without which it is impossible to leave Croatian territory
- Request for additional contact involved in the accident or their insurance company
- The police have the right to revoke the participants 24-48 hours accident passport
- Within 24 to 48 hours the participants will be brought before the Court of Misdemeanors that will determine the punishment that the culprit must pay. Foreign citizen has the right to require the presence of an interpreter in your language. A foreign national is not required to sign any document that does not understand.

- Inform about the loss / theft of a passport to the nearest police station that issued the certificate of loss / theft. This certificate can not be used to cross the border. For this it is necessary to contact the embassy of his country with a request for a new passport.

- Call for first aid (ambulance) to the phone number 194

- Call the police on phone number 192, which then contacts the physician.